These writing resources are for people who are not professional technical writers.

National Year of Reading: a comment. The 2008 National Year of Reading has good objectives. But, many writers make life difficult for readers.

Introduction to styles in Microsoft Word. How to use styles in Microsoft Word to increase efficiency and to improve the appearance of documents.

How to write instructions. These basic guidelines help you to write clear instructions.

How to write an e-mail message. If you are not careful, many errors can occur.

What to call your e-mail recipient. 'Dear Sir' or 'Hi Joe'? This informal research gives you guidance.

Technical writing

These technical writing resources are for professional technical writers.

TechScribe term checker for ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English (www.simplified-english.co.uk)

AECMA Simplified English

Automating your Word indexes

How to create coloured hyperlinks in an index in a PDF file

How to remove moiré from screenshots

LaTeX: an introduction

Prototype term checker for Simplified Technical English, from Bangor University

Software for checking style and grammar in scientific writing

Structured writing is usually only partly-structured writing

Website indexing: extending the functions of HTML Indexer

Software documentation

These technical writing resources are for people who write software documentation.

How to write user documentation explains the business case, audience analysis, task analysis, and the content of user documentation.

Style guide for software developers helps you to write clear text.

Style guides for software documentation. These style guides help you to write good documentation.

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