Business development for technical writers

These resources are for freelance technical writers.

A security problem caused by e-mail marketing services.

Comments about Lifting the Lid on Tax Avoidance Schemes.

The client risk test is defective, because a careful limited company is less likely to pass the test than a careless limited company.

Some problems with document-sharing websites. If you let people copy your documents to a document-sharing website, you can cause problems for your business.

Domain names, keywords, and search engine rank in Bing. Domain names that contain the search terms software documentation, technical writing, and user guide get very high search engine ranks with Microsoft Bing.

Technical writers: artists or language engineers? discusses the SIC code for technical writers.

Setting fees is one of the most difficult parts of freelance work. This spreadsheet will help you.

Cost of employment spreadsheet. To put your fees into perspective, use the spreadsheet to estimate the cost of employing a technical writer.

Writers, authors, or communicators? How to explain what a technical writer does.

Promoting your freelance technical writing business. Workshop notes from a presentation to technical writers on 24 April 2004.

Going Solo. Workshop notes about becoming a freelance technical writer. Presented at the 2002 ISTC conference.

Tender loving care shows how to write a tender. The article first appeared in Communicator, spring 2001.

UCE, spam, and contract law. Although current (June 2004) law lets you send unsolicited commercial e-mail to a business, your contract with your ISP prohibits unsolicited commercial e-mail.

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