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The data controller is Mike Unwalla.

Information that TechScribe collects

TechScribe websites do not use cookies. The TechScribe website statistics show the host names (websites) of visitors and the host names of referrers.

If you use the remote files version of the TechScribe term checker for ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English, the website statics show that you access the data files.

Usually, the personal data that we collect is name, e-mail address, and business phone number. (At the same time, we collect information such as company name, company address, company website, company number, and VAT number.)

Usually, we keep company data and the related personal data for many years, because the business cycle is many years.

If you want TechScribe to delete your personal data, tell Mike Unwalla.

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TechScribe collects personal data for these purposes:

We do not give your personal data to other persons or to other organizations, unless we met you at a business networking event and you tell us that we can give your personal data to other persons.

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