Getting information

A large problem with bad documentation is that it does not answer readers' questions. To make sure that the user guides and the online help that we create are effective, we ask you many questions, so that we understand your software and how your customers use it.

Your time commitment

People in your team must prepare materials for us, answer our questions, discuss answers with other people in the team, and review drafts of documentation. For each day that TechScribe works on a project, budget for the following time (person-hours) from your team:

When we have a good knowledge of your software, we create detailed content for the software documentation. Your team must review this content carefully. The review step sometimes causes a delay to the delivery of the user documentation. Reviewing documents takes time. Sometimes, busy software developers do not think that a documentation review has high priority. Management must make sure that the documentation review is high on a software developer's task list.

What we ask you

At different stages of the documentation project, we have different types of questions. Typically, this is what you can expect:

How to answer our questions

During the documentation project, we will send you questions.

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