Scitech testimonial

10 May 2006

In 1999, we started to develop EnABLE™ which is software to aid Reservoir Engineers in their analysis of Oil and Gas reservoirs. We wrote the first version of documentation which we released with the software in late 2000. As our sales grew, so did the number of support calls we were fielding. Those engineers who had not attended training courses were struggling with the concepts of our software and how to use it. We decided to outsource the documentation to an expert.

We reviewed a few documentation companies and were drawn to TechScribe because of the clarity of his website. On meeting Mike, we felt he would be able to understand our software, which was of an extremely technical nature, and produce good documentation. Due to the size of the project, we decided to break up the documentation into 5 deliverables and invoiced at each stage. This, in itself started the structure of the new documentation.

Our software is written for engineers who normally have at least an engineering MSc. Mike worked hard on understanding every part of the software, parts of which were not easy to document. He forced us to clarify points we had glossed over. His approach led to a good structure of the documentation where a new user could start with a set of data and work through the workflow unaided. Mike's questions and suggestions even led to some modification of the software in order to help new users.

We immediately started sending our new documentation in response to support calls. Questions were answered without further intervention from ourselves.

We are extremely pleased with the result. Mike understood all aspects of our software and was able to represent it in a clear and structured manner.

Ceri Lloyd
Senior Software Engineer
Energy Scitech Ltd (now Roxar Ltd)

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