Objections to outsourcing a technical writing project

This page answers some objections to the outsourcing of a technical writing project.

Our software is simple

If your software is simple, then your customers do not need much documentation. Possibly, only a splash screen with simple instructions is sufficient. Do not supply documentation if people do not need documentation.

Possibly, these alternatives to software documentation are a better way to help your customers.

Our software is complex

A related objection is that "an outsider will need much time to understand our software."

You can do one of the following things:

We do not have sufficient financial resources

Good documentation is not cheap. However, frequently, the return on investment is high. One case study shows that good documentation decreases costs and increases sales.

Some software companies send expensive glossy brochures to possible customers. The brochures tell possible customers that the software is good. An alternative is to show possible customers the quality of both your support.

Our customers do not read the documentation

If customers do not need documentation, then do not supply documentation.

Ask why your customers do not read the documentation:

Our personnel write the documentation

Creating effective documentation is much more than only writing. A large part of the job is asking questions and designing the structure of the documentation.

Marketers, software developers, software trainers, and other personnel are experts in their domains. Usually, they are not experts at designing documentation.

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