MSc Software Systems Technology

Overview of the MSc conversion course at Sheffield University, 1998–1999

Introductory unit

Software engineering

Computer systems

Intelligent knowledge-based systems (IKBS)

Database technology

Hardware systems and architecture

Discrete mathematics

Industrial placement

A five-month placement with a company that develops Computer-based training (CBT) systems. The project was to write a suite of functions that could be used to develop CBT material (that is, an authoring language). Initial research showed that available commercial products were poor in the area of response matching. Therefore, I focussed on this. The use of an intelligent spelling checker, instead of the 'dumb' type found in word-processors, was the most suitable method of tackling the problem.

The author language functions were specified both informally in English, and formally using Abstract Data Types (ADTs). The functions were implemented using the 'C' programming language.

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