Lotus Notes help

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Lotus Notes help database Lotus Notes is used by many large companies. Usually, software developers create customized databases. To maximize the benefit to the company, these databases require professional documentation.

The largest problem for many users is knowing where to start. Most Lotus Notes users know the 'What do you want to do?' topic that comes as standard with many databases. However, if users are new to the database, they will not know what they want to do. TechScribe documentation starts simply, and explains not only what users can do, but why they need to do it.

This does not mean that the documentation is large or that the documentation is a tutorial on how to use Lotus Notes. For example, the source material for one project initially contained more than 1000 topics, most of which were isolated items of information. By using a task-based strategy, the final help database contained approximately 100 topics that explained the tasks that users do.

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