Technical author training (customized course)

This training course is for technical people who need help with writing user guides, reference manuals, and online help.

The content of the training course is similar to our off-the-shelf technical author training for software developers. The primary benefit of this training course is that the content is dependent on the needs of the participants. We do a training needs analysis. We look at your existing materials, and we discuss with you the problems that your writers have. The training course will be about these problems. Your existing materials are the basis of practical exercises.

The following list shows the typical topics that we discuss:

The training course is 'hands-on', and we do not spend much time on theory. A maximum of eight people can attend the training course.

Duration: one day.

Location: your company site or some other location that is convenient to you. The meeting room must contain a flipchart or a whiteboard. We do not need computers or audio-visual equipment. If you prefer to come to us, we can organise a suitable training site.

Fee: from £4450.00 + VAT (the fee is for the training course, with a maximum of eight participants).

Terms and conditions for technical author training.

Booking and information: contact Mike Unwalla, 0114 232 6776 or

Comments from participants

"This was a thought-provoking day that will help me in my future documentation."

Phil Ayers, Rail Operations Support, Atos Origin (

"It was particularly interesting to be made to confront some of the problems with our existing documentation and to see how, with a little effort, this could be improved. Mike has put a great deal of effort into building the course around our own material and has given us some excellent ideas for constructing better documentation."

Christine Grove, Customer Training Manager, Transport Operations, Atos Origin (

"Very pleased with the content and how it will help TNT improve its technical writing."

Paul Tebbutt, Technical Services, TNT (

"Very well presented and tailored to TNT's requirement."

Ian Boaler, ERC, TNT (

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